Our History

The Bell Boutique Hotel operates since the late 1970’s in a unique eclectic building on the HaYarkon Street, which was constructed during the 1920’s of the last century. The building was designed and planned in the International Eclectic Building Style, which characterizes the construction in Tel-Aviv at that time, combining elements of the East and the West.

Since it’s early years, Tel Aviv has become the focus of the Israeli Hebrew culture and its cafes were crowded with writers, poets and actors. The HaYarkon Street area parallel to the Tel-Aviv beach, where the hotel is situated, was part of the bustling center. Its proximity to the promenade, which was rebuilt during the 1980’s and has turned the coastal strip into a central area of recreation and activities, retains its position to date within the center of the city’s leisure life.

In order to maintain the historical and cultural value of the city, the Tel-Aviv Municipality has launched a building preservation program, in which the Bell Boutique Hotel took part. The program incorporates all of the “White City”, which was declared by UNESCO in 2003 as a World Heritage Site, as well as buildings constructed in the International Style.

The Bell Boutique Hotel has been recently renovated and preserved within the program’s framework, in accordance with the architectural tradition in which it was built, using the most advanced techniques. The hotel combines the old and the new: the cultural wealth, the atmosphere of freedom, the integration and openness that characterize the Eclectic Style and the “White City”, along with the progress, pleasures and entertainment offered by Tel – Aviv of today.