The Family

The father of the family is Eli Bar-On, native Moroccan who grew up in Be’er Sheva and in the 70s came to Tel Aviv. When he saw the beautiful building on the corner of Allenby and Hayarkon Street, he fell in love, and decided to invest his money in it.

A few years later, he met Hana, his lifelong friend, and the woman who, years later, would become his wife and mother of his four children.

At first Daniel and Michael were born, the two eldest sons in the young-new Tel Aviv family. 

In his late 30s, as a result of an injury during the Yom Kippur War, Eli began to lose his sight.

At the age of 42, he lost his sight altogether. The loss of his vision did not stop him from doing his work and he continued to invest and work to promote the hotel and its success.

The years passed … and the two were fortunate to expand their family and bring a daughter to the world – Miriam.

Tel Aviv of the 1990s knew wars and uprisings, sunny days and stormy days. In those days, Daniel entered the business to run it alongside his father. Later, Eli and Hana decided to bring another child to the world, Moshe – the youngest son of the Bar-On family, who currently serves in the IDF.

Slowly and with the great efforts of Eli and his family, the hotel became a family-owned Israeli boutique hotel on the seashore of Tel Aviv. The hotel knew good times of summer and prosperity as well as more difficult times of winter and stormy days. Eli, Hana and their children stood firm in the face of these difficult times and the hotel continued to stand tall and succeed despite everything.

On March 23, 2015, the father of the family, Eli Bar-On, closed his eyes after long struggles with a severe heart disease, leaving behind Hana and their four children: Daniel, Michael, Miriam and Moshe. Eli also left behind his life’s work as a monument, on the Tel Aviv shore, with one request; to continue to look out and strengthen each other and not to forget to preserve his activities of the last 40 years of his life – Bell Hotel.