Turkish Bath Hamam

Let us go back in time a little and tell the origin of the Turkish bath.
It all began in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire in the “Bathhouses” where it was customary to purify, cleanse the body, hold talks and social gatherings and relax after battles or arduous training. Years later, the “Turkish bath” was invented by the Ottoman Empire and following the conquest of the European countries, the Hammam spread throughout the Western countries and became popular to this day.
We at the Bel Boutique Spa combined authentic design from the Ottoman era with innovative, refreshing design, the hot marble panels with the arches, while in the center of the room a unique treatment bed for an intensive, pampering massage. Alongside the bed there are marble benches, faucets along the walls and a unique mosaic wall that infuses beauty, health and mostly serenity.
So what is a Hammam treatment?

The experience in the Hammam begins with immersion in ice water, this is to contract the blood vessels and increase intravenous circulation. The patient enters the room and experiences this initial rinse, then lies down on the hot marble slab and the therapist begins washing and exfoliating the skin by scrubbing the body with salt and aromatic soap, also known as “peeling”.
After the extensive cleansing, the patient receives a distinctive sensual massage with a whip of straw wreaths, also known as “besom”.
The besom is a technique of hitting the patient throughout his entire body, the goal of the besom is to increase the blood flow, soften the muscles, and even help accelerate the metabolism in the body.
Finally, the therapist massages the muscles with warm oil and performs a deep and thorough tissue treatment throughout the body and according to the patient’s needs. The advantage of the hot table is the softening and relaxing of the muscles.
It is important to note that all this takes place in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius.

Did we say it’s an experience?
To arrange a treatment, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes
Price of treatment: 350 NIS